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For whatever reason, you’ve decided that moving overseas is an adventure you'd like to investigate and perhaps undertake.

According to the U.S. Department of State, there are nearly 6 million American expats spread around the world, most of whom are retired and living on their Social Security income. British and Canadian expats add another 3 million to that total, which means a large number of people have left their home country to take up residence in another land. They’ve become expats. But what exactly is an expat?

                                  EXPATS IN A FOREIGN LAND!

Expats are simply people who have left their country of origin and have taken up residence in another country. They do not renounce their citizenship. They are not "anti" their country of birth. Expats have just moved to another country and are experiencing the customs, language, lifestyle and the favorable living costs found in their new country!

Exploring another culture, discovering a lifestyle where the living cost doesn't chew up all your income, upgrading your standard of living while downsizing your expenditures are all changes being faced by people the world over in today's economy.

The reality of international living takes on a new dimension for those who have watched their pensions fade to nothingness and who face a future of limited income. Yet, they have the spirit of adventure and can look at expatriation as a positive step in their future as they search for the locale that offers the most for their money. What they share is an eagerness for adventure! A Change of Lifestyle is here to inform you of the many exciting, world-wide locations that a large number of expats have already found.

Why would you even think about moving to another country? How about the reasonable cost of health care? $25 to see an American-trained doctor is enticing. Or the abundance of healthy food available for pennies at the local street market? Rent? A lovely home rents for under $800 a month in many locations. Still interested in living the expatriate lifestyle?

Whether you are retired, between jobs, just out of college or simply looking for A Change of Lifestyle that resonates with what you hold dear in life, these pages will show you where you can lead fulfilling lives within a living standard that North Americans and the British are used to. A nice home, recreation and entertainment, culture and good food with money left over for trips back home is our goal, as we search the world for locations that will entice you as you plan your move abroad. And don’t be afraid to contact us when the choices, and questions, start to overwhelm you!

Enjoy your journey!


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