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You can’t argue with Forbes Magazine and the AARP. Both have chosen Boquete, Panama as one of the top places in the Western Hemisphere in which to retire!

Since the year 1911, immigrants from Europe and North America have been discovering this mountainous hideaway, and they joined with the locals to create a community surrounded by magnificent natural wonders.


Tucked into the middle of Panama, near the Western edge of the country, Boquete is snuggled into the foot of Volcan Baru, an extinct volcano that provided the nutrient rich earth that feeds the orange and coffee plantations nearby.  The climate is temperate, rarely changing, and the small town atmosphere is a welcomed change for many looking for a peaceful Change of Lifestyle.

If outdoor adventure is your wont, consider that refreshing waterfalls dot the many hiking trails and that stately mountain views surround the valley.  A rainforest is nearby as are the magnificent reefs found at the shore, a short drive away.  

The Chiriqui Provence capitol of David is a 25 mile drive through the valley and beyond David are the beach cities that line the Pacific Rim of Panama. 

The volcanic-rich soil around Boquete produces the best coffee in Panama, as well as the sweetest oranges and fragrant flowers.  Fly fishing is popular in the nearby river streams and golfing is available throughout the area, especially in many of the communities that have been developed and are catering to a retirement population.

In the Chiriqui capitol of David,  La Universidad Latina de Panamá offers group and individual Spanish classes for foreigners.  Their classes emphasize conversation, vocabulary and grammar and include five levels of expertise.  Each course runs six weeks.

Boquete is an ideal location in which to create your Change of Lifestyle, especially if you are looking for tranquility, an exceptionally high quality of life coupled with an incredibly low overall cost of living, superb medical care and loads of government benefits directed to “pensionados.”  The fact that there is a large expat population in Boquete verifies what those magazines above previously stated... Boquete is, indeed, one of the top places in which to retire!